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Improving safety and reduction claims costs

Lansberry Trucking


Lansberry Trucking launched in 1959 with a single truck, hauling coal. Today, with 80 trucks servicing customers across the US and Canada, Lansberry Trucking is a respected name in both short- and long-haul trucking. Founder Sam Lansberry remains active with the company, and his sons, Sam Jr. and Adam, continue the family's legacy in the transportation industry as they handle the day-to-day business.



The Results

With a time investment of just 15 to 20 minutes per day, Lansberry Trucking's Safety Director can review all footage from across the entire fleet. 

Unsafe drivers, who posed a significant liability prior to the introduction of a camera solution, can now be selected out - and good drivers feel more protected than ever, thanks to the improved safety measures company-wide. 

Since the implementation of SureCam, Lansberry's Claims Costs are down by 84.5%


Rising insurance costs, an ongoing driver shortage, reckless non-commercial drivers, and litigious individuals have created the perfect storm of challenges for the trucking industry. Lansberry knew they had to be innovative in order to compete, and previous safety measures and incident response practices weren't a sustainable solution. For example, Lansberry was relying on disposable cameras for snapping on-the-scene photos and GPS systems for piecing together an after-the-fact narrative. 

A $550,000 claim, for an accident that was not Lansberry's Fault, underscored the serious need for clear evidence and data in the claims process.

I don’t view our investment in SureCam as a cost, it’s a profit-center. Last year alone, our claims losses reduced by over 80%
— Samuel J. Lansberry II, CEO, Lansberry Trucking



Lansberry doubled down on their commitment to safety by hiring a Safety Director, improving driver training practices, and investing in camera technology. 

Sam Lansberry sought a solution that would integrate seamlessly into day-to-day operations, support ongoing safety efforts, and positively impact claims costs. Lansberry cared most about instant notification, a simple web-platform, and outstanding customer service.

Rather than having to rely on the company's previous approach - disposable cameras in each truck - Lansberry Trucking now receives network-connected, real-time footage from each truck in the fleet. This inarguable footage is particularly important for trucking companies, which are disproportionately blamed for accidents due to their ability to pay out settlements. Sam Lansberry describes SureCam as the most reliable product on the market, with the most instant feedback. 

Ben Hillman