Alternative to Lytx


Lytx Alternative: An Affordable, Easy Installation Fleet Camera Solution

For safety managers, telematics systems give you the ability to oversee your fleet from wherever you are. Using telematics is one of the best ways you can be proactive about controlling insurance costs and to ensure your truckers are driving as safely as possible. However, telematics systems such as Lytx automatically include features that aren’t useful for smaller fleets, like requiring you to take part in a fully-managed service. This can leave your company stuck with a bill for services you don’t need. Whether you’re interested in enhancing your current telematics system with network-connected dash cams, or you’d like to implement a fully-managed video and data system, SureCam can help you create the wireless dash cam solution that’s right for your company.

SureCam offers fleets of all sizes a streamlined, lower-cost alternative to Lytx.

Since your fleet may not need all the bells and whistles that clutter other video telematics systems, we give you complete control over the insights you receive. We allow you to customize a dash cam system that works for you. Whether you’re tracking five trucks or five hundred, SureCam provides you and your team with a thorough overview of the data that matters most--without the high cost associated with many Lytx competitors.

Unlike Lytx, SureCam gives you the choice between self-managed and fully-managed service. If you choose a fully-managed solution, SureCam will review your video and provide you with useful, timely feedback. However, if you find a fully-managed service isn’t helping your fleet meet its goals, we also offer a self-managed solution. With our network-connected dash cameras, you can specify the harsh driving behaviors that trigger the camera’s accelerometer. When an incident occurs, the wireless dash cam automatically sends video and driving data to you. Within seconds, you have the data you need to get out in front of the claims process. For fleets who opt for a self-managed system, SureCam is a reliable, cost-effective alternative to Lytx.

SureCam’s fleet cameras are designed to make your job as hassle-free as possible.

You’ll enjoy our user-friendly system from the very beginning. Our cameras are easy to position, offering you total control over your point of view. Then, you can fine-tune the kinds of data that are tracked with completely customizable settings. Should an incident occur, our cloud-based system allows you to instantly receive video and data from the scene. Fully-managed systems can take up to 12 hours to deliver video, but our system delivers video within seconds. This helps you get a jump on the claims process with accurate, concrete evidence. SureCam gives you the tools to focus on what’s most important to your fleet, whether that’s driver coaching, incident reduction, or another unique metric that’s critical to your company’s success.

Your drivers will also appreciate the convenience of SureCam’s cloud-based connected cameras. Since our system connects directly to the cellular network, there’s no need for your drivers to transfer physical media off of their recorders. This lets your drivers focus on the road, and it also eliminates the potential of damage and loss of the memory cards. With network connected cameras on board, your drivers can feel confident knowing they’ve got a reliable witness on their side.

Our connected camera solutions are a smart way for fleets of all sizes to improve overall safety and reduce insurance claims costs.

As you gather quotes for telematics systems, you will notice that SureCam offers options that help save you money right off the bat. Instead of paying top dollar for Lytx or a Lytx competitor’s fixed plans, you can select from our wide range of services to build your own system. Plus, other Lytx competitors prioritize support requests by the number of cameras or level of support you’ve purchased. This type of service most often penalizes the fleets with fewer trucks on the road. At SureCam, we believe that each driver at every company we serve is equally important. No matter how small--or large--your fleet, SureCam provides the same level of customer service and support.  

SureCam gives you the data you need at a fair price. We are dedicated to offering safety managers an affordable Lytx alternative that will aid your drivers--and your company--in the fight against rising insurance costs. We give you choices that help you build a system tailored to meet your needs and budget. If you’re looking for an alternative to Lytx, SureCam may be the right option for you. Get in touch with our product specialists, who can provide you with more information about how we can help you keep your fleet running safely and cost-effectively.