Trial Overview


How Does a Trial Work With SureCam?

Most fleets are actively installing camera technology, or considering which solution makes sense for them.  It can be difficult to arrive at a decision if you haven’t experienced a camera solution first-hand.

SureCam works with many fleets on a trial-basis, giving owners, operators and safety leaders an opportunity to experience the solution before making a fleet-wide decision.  What decisions and steps go into the trial process? 

Decide between forward vs. dual-facing cameras: Depending on your safety priorities, our product team would work with you to determine whether a forward-facing, or dual-facing camera makes sense for your fleet.

Outline the timeline:  The trial process includes confirmation, installation, demonstration, feedback and decision.  The process is intended to give you and your team an opportunity to experience SureCam’s cloud-based software and cameras first-hand.  Our product team will work with you to finalize this timeline, and confirm who from your team will be involved in the trial.

Installation:  Feedback from our clients is that the SureCam installation process is the most simple, efficient they have ever seen.  Our product specialists will ensure a smooth installation.

Demonstration: Our team will demonstrate SureCam’s cloud-based platform, which will be your portal to view video notifications, and other important information about your fleet’s safety.  We will configure your cameras and set up user-notifications to ensure that your team has instant visibility.

Feedback/Decision:  We will engage with you throughout the trial process to talk about your experience with SureCam, and hear your feedback.  Our product team will work with you to understand your timeline, most fleets know within 30 days if SureCam is right for them.  If SureCam is a good fit, we will discuss next steps.  If SureCam isn’t the right fit, we always want to make sure fleets make the best decision for them, and will gladly help to coordinate de-installation and the return of cameras.